Win a NEW Purse!

Win a Kate Spade Purse from 97.9 The River!

The new 979 the river giving you a chance to win a brand new Kate Spade purse filled with prizes!

Listen every weekday morning at 9 am for the song of the day and the code word. When the song plays back, you have 5 minutes to text the code word to 3045290979. Know the code word when we call you back to get qualified.

To the get the hour the song will play and more details go to our Facebook Page.

Get ready to hit the runway with your new Kate Spade purse, filled with prizes from The New 97.9 The River.

This week's song times!

  • Monday: 2pm
  • Tuesday: 11am
  • Wednesday: 3pm
  • Thursday: 1pm
  • Friday: 10am

This week's sponsors include: Sun Tan City, Roosters, The Skin Rejuvenation Centre' and Outback.

Win a Lunch on the River!

Win a Kate Spade Purse from 97.9 The River!

Win Lunch on the River courtesy of the Marshall and Kentucky Hall of Fame Cafes. We want to see you listening to 979 the River on the job. Send us a picture of yourself listening to 979 the River at work, text it to 304-529-0979 or email it to studio, the picture could win you lunch with the Marshall or Kentucky Hall of Fame Cafes. Lunch prizes will be given away daily, check our website for more details,

Flip Flop Ball

The Flip Flop Ball with 97.9 The River!

Nothing says summertime more than Flip Flops and there is no other better time to slide them on than June 9 to help out Little Victories Animal Rescue.

They are hosting their Flip Flop Ball on the Heritage Station Patio at Heritage Village in Huntington. Right now corporate sponsors have an opportunity to secure sponsor tables for 4 to 12 guests.

Sponsorship packages vary but all include dinner reservations and program ad placement.

Little Victories is dedicated to saving lives and believes that each animal deserves every chance of living a safe, loving and protected life.

To become a voice for animals in the Tri State area, contact Stephanie Howell, at 304-743-5802 and secure your table now for the Flip Flop Ball, June 9th at Heritage State with the New 979 The River

97.9 The River - Business of the Week

97.9 The River Business of the Week!

This week's business of the week is White Highland Insurance!

Here is Cecilia's interview with them!

Here are our past weeks' interviews.

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04/15/2018 - Custom Pools and Spas

04/22/2018 - Classic Jewlery and Loans

04/29/2018 - Kid's Sale

Rewind Your Weekends with 97.9 The River

Saturday mornings it's Nina Blackwood and Absolutely 80's, 3 big hours with MTV's Nina Blackwood and everything 80's, 7 am to 10 am.

Sunday evenings, Nina Blackwood is back with New Wave Nation, 3 hours from new wave and alternative music from the 80's, 7 pm to 10pm.

Sunday evenings, it's Kid Kelly and Backtrax USA, two big hours of 80's to wrap up the weekend, 10 pm to midnight.

Also on Sunday mornings, it's Sonrise, enjoy 2 hours of great worship music and positive Christian information for your life. 7 am to 9 am